Friday, August 11, 2006

When do you dump your docksiders?

I don't know why I had this thought today, maybe to get my mind off the news of the day (more on that later). So I thought I'd write something light and ask when should I retire my docksiders?

My current pair has been a very important part of my wardrobe for a few years now. Admittedly they are beat up and showing their age. However, I don't have any holes in them (do you remember in college taping them up to save your favorite pair? So do I stay with the old friend or start looking for a new pair? I even looked at Sperry's web page this morning.

My feeling is that the summer is starting to come to the end, Muffy is all worked up about sending the kids back to school, so the current pair will make the fall. But you do not want to be that dork with bright new shoes on Memorial Day next year. The only solution maybe buying a new pair in the fall and beating them up a bit around the house for the winter months. Even wear them once or twice in the snow!!

Yes, I know very silly and trivial but that's what I'm thinking about this am....


Lisagh said...

Keep the pair you have going as long as you can stand it. Nothing's better than a comfy pair of shoes... breaking them in is HELL!!!

Anonymous said...

I too live in my topsiders. I wear them sailing all season and that usually causes some decent wear. One drawback is that if sailing offshore the shoe gets very crusty with salt which eventually hardens the shoe to where it is unwearable.

Therefore, I always discard these suckers after (i) they have become too hardened (usually only when I do an aggressive offshore where the topsiders get soaked with salt water) or (ii) since I wear them all the time, the liners wear thin.

A good way to break them in is to drive over them. Sounds silly but it works very well. Also, if you get them slightly damp and wear them all day...that works as well.

Preppy Kiki said...

Alright, I will be the out spoken one here and say, I do look at men’s foot wear when it comes to first appearances. I personally like to see clean and polished shoes on men. With that said, I also believe in tradition. And some things just look better “worn in.” It gives the on lookers a feeling of “legacy” So, If you are wearing them to the office (casual friday), I suggest don’t, if you are wearing them outside of the office, I say go for it.