Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Golf and Gambling

I just got the official agenda, the guys are heading to a nearby casino for a weekend of golf and gambling. It may come as a surprise, however those two activities are two of my favorite 10 things to do (and I know I'll be drinking, so there's a third off the list). I'm looking forward to winning some stupid bets on the course, and then making my donation to the Indian education fund.

My game of chance is craps. I, like many people enjoy blackjack and even poker; but nothing can beat the action of the craps table. For those of you who don't know craps take a look at the basics of craps web page. It's an easy read and you can get the basics easy. The only way to really learn is to grab a few hundred dollars and hit the table. Try to get a table that has some people yelling, smoking cigars, waving for drinks...people there are having fun and making money. A quiet craps table is DEATH...stay away.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with all the Jersey-bamas at the casino. Bring Jabroni repellant.

Tod said...

LOL.... home of the bowling jacket and missing teeth