Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Manners for Kids

KSK asked "My son is 12, my daughter is 11. I want to give both of them "etiquette" books for their birthdays this year. I put etiquette in quotes because if I hand them the Post book they will NOT read it (to put it mildly).So, any suggestions as to books written to the KID, not the parent, that is helpful for both manners but also, more importantly at this age, what to do in social situations. (Remember adolescence? YUCK!!!)Lisagh's post about the etiquette book her dad gave her made me think of this...."

So I walked into our little library and saw a few ideas. If they will not read the Post book for kids (it's real good) try "Manners " by Kate Spade (yes, of handbag fame). Tell your daughter the bags are cool, read the book. It's an easy read and funny too.

Another idea is "Special Words: Notes for when you don't know what to say" by Joyce Landorf Heatherly. Maybe you can get your son and daughter to start to think outside the regular street talk and carry on a conversation when it's tough to talk.

I'm sure there are more (hit Amazon.com)...anyone else have some favorites for kids?


Erin said...

I've seen a good one at Brooks Brothers, How to Raise a Gentleman is the title, I believe. Although I think it is written to the parent, rather than being specifically geared to the kids themselves.

Preppy Kiki said...

The first book for a girl I would suggest from amazon.com
Oops!: The Manners Guide for Girls (American Girl Library (Paperback)) (Paperback)
I personally own this book for the young ladies in my extended family.

Ksk said...

Thank you Tod!!!! You know, the interesting thing about raising kids is with most stuff you have to start early and be consistent ALL the way through.

So, the kiddos know manners. However, all that gets mixed up when their friends favorite thing to say to each other is, "whatever." Know what I mean?

Anyway, I appreciate everyone's input on this!!!

Mel said...

I went to Barclay classes when I was around that age -- they were great.

Monogram Momma said...

LOL you read my mind b/c i was putting this is a post for next week! Ahh!

Monogram Momma said...

KSK, just another thought. My parents always had me in etiquette classes, then posture classes, and also the ever important cotillian classes that every proper southern girl should do. When it was time for me to go into all the pre-debutant things, everything was also re-inforced there. I really look back and think all these things were invaluable to my strong sense of etiquette and also, it's not so bad it you can get a couple of your kids friends to do it with them!

Ksk said...

I bought the Post book - my daughter will get it for her birthday! (Don't worry - not her only present! ;)

As for classes, that is another great idea. I now live in the NW and cotillian does not happen here. But, there are etiquette classes that I will check out.

thanks everyone!

thepreppyprincess said...

I know a lot of adults that need this book!

Anonymous said...

Everyone forget THE classic- Tiffany's Table Manners for Teenagers

What is preppier than Tiffany's?

Elegant Books said...

Good luck--those are the books I would suggest too. I just posted an etiquette book for dogs. Kind of funny.