Thursday, April 21, 2011

Online Coupons

Seeing a lot of action recently on Groupon and Living Social. I even signed up to get the email alerts...

I wonder if a lot of people are really using them? I know I am tempted every time I get one-although not sure I really need Rumba lessons 1/2 price...For me some of them are more exciting because I commute to NYC. The Suburban online coupons are not as good yet--Side note FourSquare is starting to have great deals in and out of the city!!

I found this post on a blog and thought I'd share it (here is the direct link

Similarity Between Living Social and Groupon
1. Both Living Social and Groupon are coupon based company.
2. Both Living Social and Groupon are trying to make it easier for people to save money by making it easy to share and earn coupons with friends.
3. Both Living Social and Groupon have raised funding in the last couple of months.
4. Both Living Social and Groupon are busy expanding to new cities.
5. Both Living Social and Groupon making good use of social features.
6. Both Living Social and Groupon offer only one deal per day.
7. Both Living Social and Groupon have similar website and comparable average deal prices. (Living Social Website, Groupon Website)
8. Both Living Social and Groupon also offer buy the deal and share it (if three of your friends buy the deal, you get one free), if enough people opt for the deal it makes and you redeem your coupon for the discount.
9. Both Living Social and Groupon’s websites use Facebook Connect to help people find deals according to the geography, then share these deals on Facebook or other social media.
Differences Between Living VS Groupon
1. Groupon is based in Chicago and founded in Nov 2008 as ‘group coupon’ company VS Living Social is based in Washington DC and founded in 2007 as social discovery and cataloging network company.
2. Groupon has 40 million subscriber in 35 countries and 335 cities VS Living Social has 10 million members in 5 countries and 89 cities.
3. Groupon turn down $3 billion offer from Yahoo & $6 billion offer from Google VS Living Social only just get the $175 million investment from Amazon.
4. Groupon get 79% of US traffic VS Living Social get only 8% of US traffic
5. Groupon’s investor are New Enterprise Associates. Eric Lefkofsky, Brad Keywell & Digital Sky Technologies VS Living Social are AOL founder Steve Case, U.S. Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners & Amazon.
6. Groupon is the pioneer VS Living Social is a clone.
7. Groupon is earning 3 times more than Living Social is making.

What do you think?

Brooks Brothers Sale

20th Anniversary email came this am...