Monday, July 31, 2006

Yes, I know it's hot

So, I get back to America from the fantastic trip to Nantucket (more on that in a few) and all everyone can talk about is how hot it is. I just got off the phone with my old man who had to call to make sure we knew it was going to be over 95 everyday this week. Yes, it sucks and it will ruin everyone's week but can't we just obsess about something else?

That may be too much to ask, since the next thing on people's list are probably Brad Pitt and what's her name...

WOW, 10 days on the island and I sound like one of those old salty crabs...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back on the mainland

I' m happy to report that Nantucket is still standing after the family ran amok all over the island! I am way too tired to string more than a few sentences together. One question though : why does everyone else get to sleep on the ferry and drive back home(of course I drove straight back last night/getting home around 2am) ?

I hope to drink a lot of coffee today (and a few g&t's later)....

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Off to Nantucket

The family and I are heading for some much needed R&R. I may not even bring my laptop, crazy huh? In any case I'm sure our small cottage does not have wifi so there will be no updates for a week or so. I may even get to read a book, if the kids don't kill me first. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and I hope to have a couple preppy ideas when I get back...By the way if you're in Nantucket, say hi. I'll be the preppy looking guy wearing the bright colored polo shirt w/the popped collar...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too many dark and stormies

Yes, it seems I started vacation a little early tonight... I had an important business meeting tonight (yes at a bar, in my business they all happen there) and we had too many dark and stormies...and a few shots the 5 am alarm is going to suck, off to the city for another 8am meeting; I hope I can hold my own...then the bad part of the day; a long drive to a wake for a good friend's dad...The old man was a great guy and everyone will miss him. So I'm driving 3 hours up and back for the wake on thurs. "Muffy" is quite miffed at me since we still need to pack, etc for vacation...I told her , some things are WAY too important than forgetting the toothpaste on to bed for 6 (hopefully) good hours of sleep....."Tod"

Packing HELL

Here is a surprise, the preppy guy is heading for vacation in...Nantucket. What a shock! Cape Cod and Islands are probably THE preppy place to summer. Anyway, I'm trying to pack today and the two children are driving me CRAZY!!! Maybe I should send them to a different island (just kidding)....Saw this picture on the web, it gave me a few ideas.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Adding some links to other blogs

There are some other really cool preppy and sports blogs out there...I'm just starting to find them too...I just added 2 (it took quite a while to figure that out) and I want to add others. If you know of any that you want to share, please pass them on...

Flip Flop Flap

So it seems it's on every preppy guys (and girls) list of favorite footwear, and flip flops exemplify what laidback really is...I have to admit I am a new convert to the Flip Flop.
I've always enjoyed my docksiders and even barefoot at the beach, however the only guys that I saw wearing anything like a flip flop was either the "air Jesus" sandal's or some gross Nike shoe. My wife always wore Eliza B's and she loved them; one day she noticed the Vineyard Vines flip flops for men and thought she try to convert me.
It worked! Although they are still a little funny sometimes (they make it hard to shift while driving too), I cannot feel stressed out when you slip on a pair...Even Muffy has converted. She swears they are more comfortable than her Eliza B.'s...I'm sure a shock to a few Muffies out there.

Monday, July 17, 2006

TV Show

Ok, a quick suggestion...CBS show "How I met your Mother" is pretty funny...

Some great suggestions

I just got back home after a couple of meetings (more on that whole issue soon). By the way the outside temp. hit 99 in the car today...It is way too hot to enjoy wearing a suit, which of course I had to do. Much happier now wearing khaki shorts and a old polo oxford with my flip flops.

I was happy to see all of the suggestions on the "must haves" posting. All of the ideas are right up the preppy guy's alley. I think the number one thing for every preppy guy to remember is the preppy dress has most to do with what I like to call "classic comfort". It is not a fad and not some crazy outfit (although I'm sure we all had a few of them in college) and casual does not mean sloppy. Nothing is worse than seeing someone in a sloppy outfit in public...Have some pride.

On a totally different point (or maybe back to the weather) can ANYONE please explain why my (non-preppy) neighbour is mowing her lawn today. It's almost 100 outside and she is wearing jeans and a crappy tee shirt (I think it is one that she got free from buying two cases of Pepsi)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Preppy Guy's Must Haves (part I)

Preppy Guy's Must Haves (part I): Saying part one because I know we will need to add to it in the future...

Preppy Guy's Must Haves: (in no particular order)
*Blue Blazer (either gold buttons or plain)
*Docksiders from Sperry
*Tod's driving shoe (no relation)
*Argyle sweater
*Engraved Leather Dop Kit
*Cuff links (The choices are endless); Kelly suggested monogram's (VERY good idea)
*Nantucket Reds
*A bespoken suit (every man needs a blue and grey)
*What goes with the suit? that's right pocket squares! (Just never match it with the tie, if you are not sure go with old fashion white)
*A Tuxedo (you may not need it everyday, but wouldn't be fun too)
*A Jeep (Preppies of all ages love the rugged Jeep)
*a few good ties, I personally love vineyard Vines
*A bunch of colourful polo shirts (must have pinks and greens and blues) and don't be afraid to wear more than one at at time
*Classic Oxford shirts
*Fun belts (whales, lobsters, sailboats, etc)
*Golf accessories (an endless supply of gift ideas)
* monogram's Bar glasses
*Flip flops (vineyard vines makes the best; even my wife Muffy loves them)

What do you think? I know there are many many other ideas I just wanted to get something out to get the ball rolling....Tod

A must have list!!!

A contributor, a newly married preppy girl, was looking for gift ideas for her preppy husband. So the idea of a must have list has been born (somehow I don't think this is the first time this has been done). I'd like to solicit as many ideas as possible then we'll post the most preppy items that today's man really needs...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Online Shopping

When you are waiting for the Weber grill to heat-up why not jump online and do a little online shopping. Online shopping is probably the easiest and best way for the preppy guy to get his stuff done. There is of course the old standby like Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and LL Bean. But there are dozens of great preppy sights any guy can shop from....a couple quick ideas (I smell the grill and I need to put the corn on)

* this should be bookmarked for everyone!!!



Hazy, Hot & Humid

Well the weather is going to be way to sticky outside, what can a preppy guy do in this weather? We can be shrinking violets and hide inside or buck it up and actually enjoy the weekend (or until we collapse from heat stroke). I've spend a few hours outside this morning already working the garden and playing with the dog, remember pets still need their play time get it in early so they can rest in the hottest part of the day.

A beach break is always a welcome break. I of course hate sitting in the baking sun all day. It's one thing to got and swim, play with the kids, etc. But HOW can people sit for hours just tanning? I think I'd rather have a needle in the eye.

Whatever you do, hydrate and then enjoys the G & T 's.... HAZY, HOT & HUMID

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Planning a trip to Cape Cod

Good day, I thought I'd write a quick post before heading back outside to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Thoughts of summer weather bring us to thoughts of Cape Cod and the Islands...It seems everyone has their favorite places and having stayed at many places and many different towns I have my fickle feelings too. I love Nantucket, with Chatham a close second. My wife, Muffy, still has a found place in her heart for Martha's Vineyard. The Vineyard is a great place to get away to for a day trip or quick weekend, however it can get very crowed during the weekends. It's a quick ferry ride from Hyannis...lots of fun for the whole family.

In reality having the ability to put on your favorite pair of docksiders and head to the beach is a wonderful day no matter where you stay....

Does anyone have favorite haunts on the Cape?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy July 4th

Happy Independence Day!!!

Time for all good preppies to pop their collars, grab a cocktail and head for the bbq....

News and updates after we sober up!!!