Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Packing HELL

Here is a surprise, the preppy guy is heading for vacation in...Nantucket. What a shock! Cape Cod and Islands are probably THE preppy place to summer. Anyway, I'm trying to pack today and the two children are driving me CRAZY!!! Maybe I should send them to a different island (just kidding)....Saw this picture on the web, it gave me a few ideas.


Mrs. P said...

I am jealous, we weren't able to go to Nantucket this year, since my husband took off time for the wedding and honeymoon. Have a beer at The Gazebo for me!

Monogram Momma said...

If by chance, you happen to end up at the ER while you are there, Mr. Monogram's cousin is an ER Doc in Nantucket. VERY VERY tall blonde, about 6'4, you can't miss her. Of course, please be careful so you don't have to make her aquaintance in the ER. That wouldn't make for a ver pleasant vacation.

Kris said...

Have Bombay, will travel! That looks like enough gin to mix up G&Ts for a ACK vacation - even with the kiddies ...CHEERS!!!