Thursday, October 07, 2010

Gift Ideas Help Needed

I got a nice email from a reader Catherine asking :


I stumbled upon your blog while researching a gift for my boyfriend who is the ultimate prep (Nantucket summer home, Exeter Alum, Owns every item from Vineyard Vines)! I need any suggestions/ideas you might have for a birthday gift. He is going to be 32 yrs old and I do NOT know what to get him. PLEASE HELP….



So since the easy stuff of Vineyard Vines or Brooks Brothers is off the table, lets all think of some additional ideas:

One that I like a lot is a monogrammed flask. As it is getting colder this is the perfect gift for those snowy nights!!! And fun to share.

- Other ideas include cigars with a travel holder for 2 or three cigars.
- If your man does not have his own martini set, one would assume he would by 32, that is a great gift.
- how about a trip, just the two of you to someplace you have not been; DC/Georgetown by train perhaps?
- I will continue to think of new ideas, but I always love to ask any blog readers to leave comments and help too...
Let's heard from you guys/girls!!