Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ode to Argyle

Ian Poulter's Open campaign continues, but white plus-fours matched with Argyle socks can't stop him slipping to one over

I was putting on my argyle socks this morning realizing how much I missed them. Most of the summer we wear no socks with either flip flops or docksiders; now with the cold weather ontop of us it's time to think of socks. Nothing is better than looking down and seeing that great pattern on our calf. I looked in my sock draw today and saw way over a dozen pairs, and I know I have some hidden away in "winter" clothes boxes as well. I think today is a great day for everyone to walk back to their bedrooms and grab a colourful pair of argyles that have been sitting there patiently all summer and talk them for a walk.

Monday, October 23, 2006


I'm sitting here will CNBC on in the background. Does anyone actually watch this channel? I know it's always on at most brokerage firms/trading desks and bars around Wall Street. But they play the same stories over and over and over again all in the same day. One good thing about the channel is they have not fallen to Wall Street's business casual dress code yet. This channel may be the only part of the financial world that does not wear polo shirts to work.

I miss all those suits; it gave the wife and kids something to buy dads for father's dad.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Church and Gambling

So I sitting at the breakfast table this morning finishing my morning papers and I start to think about NFL football. Of course just like every other red blooded American I enjoy the once in while wager on sports (did you see that great Clemson game on ESPN last night) and I've found myself in a couple fantasy football leagues. I actually do ok even though I don't spend days or weeks preparing with mock drafts etc like some in the leagues. So, I'm looking at the actual spreads of today's games and putting in my best guess on the few games (of course wagering is illegal and I would not want to do that, right ;) ) .

Now I've got my game plan together when my Muffy wife tells me to start getting ready for church. Have I forgotten that Sunday is God's day and a day for rest and family? Maybe I should not be thinking about wagering on a Sunday? Somehow I don't think my looking at the lines in the paper or having a friendly wager will bring down western civilization. Maybe that's a better question for the priest?

Anyway, getting dressed to head to Mass and then watch a game on TV(hopefully win a few $)...if this good weather continues today I believe a good cigar and walk with the family will help fill God's plan for the day...

Friday, October 20, 2006

New Blog

I love to hear about new blogs. Like our blog pal Mrs P. Moving over to a new blog "CHIC" or EMG moving to her new blog "THE EMG". Then I've seen recently the "MUDDY DOG" and Mr. Sean from "THE W.A.S.P." and Muffy at "LATTER DAY LILLY" . The reason I bring this up is because Dave from "PREPPOLITICS" just let me know about him starting up a blog and that this blog helped him in doing that. Well to Dave and all the other "Daves" out there welcome and as I told Dave "JUST HAVE FUN"

your fellow blogger aka "TOD" aka " Preppy Guy" aka .....insert real name here....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dress for success

So, as I wrote about recently I have been traveling and unable/or too tired to blog anything out. Also after dinner and drinks and after dinner drinks I don't think too many people would want to read my mixed up thoughts...Including me the next day!

I was taking a plane the other day and it made me remember something my pop said a long time ago "always wear at least a blazer on a plane; you will be treated the way you expect." So I do. Even if I'm stuck in the middle seat in economy class I'm either wearing my suit or blazer to the plane (of course we remove the jacket while we sit; otherwise it gets wrinkled, etc).

The other day While I was getting my boarding pass checked I looked around and started to actually think about what people wear on planes (I know we could talk about how bad people dress all the time, today let's just focus on planes/airports). I saw too many sweat pants/shirts, is there a gym on the plane that nobody told me about? What about those Fanny packs? Here is a hint people THEY NEVER LOOK GOOD! I'm not trying to just bitch about other people, I spied a bunch of guys in jeans and tee shirts or some other type of shirt; honestly it looked fine. Just because I was wearing a suit I do not expect everyone to wear one. However, please look in the mirror BEFORE you leave the house.

I know the response that everyone is going to say; "I want to be comfortable for the long flight". I agree, bring a good book or take a quick nap but you are still in public you should not be wearing slippers in the airport (yes I did see it last week). My flight kind of looked like it was filled with extras from one who flew over the coo koo's nest. I truly believe most American must be colour blind too.. Orange, red and purple (nice outfit).


I was away this weekend, and that is when the visitors of this blog topped 20,000!!! WOW. I want to thank those who contribute and those who just like to stop by. I hope that you find this blog fun and a nice distraction from the real world!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Road Hog

So, I've been driving a lot recently (see previous post) and I started a mental note of my list of the worst drivers. Now I'm not going to start talking about men vs women; too many people say women are always putting makeup on and mess up driving. To tell you the truth I know quite a lot of men that I would never get in a car with; no guys you can't drive 90 while talking on one cellphone, emailing on your blackberry and drinking coffee...

Anyway I have a list in my head of the worst drivers, by states. I thought I would share them with you readers out there. Now I know some will be pissed off, some will agree and most will not give a &^$) . I also have not seen all the drivers in all the state, so I'm sure there are some other crazes out there (please share).
My list in order of the worst drivers:
1) New Jersey
2) Rhode Island (per capita it would be the worst)
3) Massachusetts
4) Florida
5) New York
6) California
7) Alabama
8) Washington DC (yes I know it's not a state, however they drive so bad they made the list)
10) Oklahoma

Also, all the provinces of Canada (every time I see a Canuck on the road I do my best to get away)

MIA Blog

Sorry I've been MIA on my blogs recently. Life has been crazy and I have been traveling for both business and pleasure. I've got a few things I want to get off my chest; however I need some coffee and breakfast first...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Great Poll

If you have a minute, click over to EMG's blog and take her poll.

Crazy week

So I was all set to meet a few buds for a nice big (read lots of steak and wine) dinner in the city. Well with the awful news of the small plane crash into a building in NYC stopped that. First of all, what a shock, I feel badly for the Lidle family and the family of the flight instructor. Secondly all those people who are homeless because of the accident. However, when people in and around NYC see a plane crash into a building, the nightmares of Sept. 11th come rushing back in.
Long story short, I had Italian in a very nice place with two of the guys I was set to meet, it's funny how one thing can change things...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

All TV'd out

As I've said before I love sports. I will play golf or tennis, or a pick-up basketball game anytime. I have been watching the baseball playoffs like a made man (yes I'm mad know that the Yankees are out). So I figured today is a great day to spend ALL day outside. I went for a long walk this morning and now I'm checking emails, etc before going out again. My muffy wife told me that a couple we know is in town for the day so we'll hook up with them after lunch and hit the parks. I was thinking about drinking a nice bottle of wine too. I guess my boozing tenancy keep showing through.

The Yankees loss made me think about how some people, some I know well too, take their sports teams WAY too serious. As I've said I love sports; I have spent many a Sundays sitting watching every down of any football game. Or playoff of almost any sport is hypnotic. I really enjoy watching people try to win the championship...Competition is good and it drives us all even if we are watching it. Anyway, as I was saying i know there are people who lost sleep last night and will not go out today because the Yankees lost. They will carry their crap attitude to work tomorrow and yell at someone because of nothing. A police buddy of mine told me he hates to work the Superbowl shift (more domestic violence than usual). It's OK to root for your team; heck if you are not upset when they lose you are not a fan...but it's only a game. fight with your dog and kick your wife over something real not because A-Rod struck out or someone fumbled the game winning opportunity. Life sucks enough, grab a beer and go for a walk today...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What now brown cow

So it does not good for the Yankees to make it past the Tigers. I'm not giving up hope, but the bar that I was at watching the game got too quiet I think more fans have lost hope of stopping Detroit's MO. I'm sure the exec's over at Fox Network are a little worried too. If they can get the Yankees into the post season their ratings just keep getting bigger. And if they can have the Yankees in the World Series even better!!

Luckily it's still nice out on this Columbus Weekend so I'm heading out with the kids for a nice fall hike and then maybe some soccer or bike rides. Isn't it so nice when you can still head out and enjoy the weekends. Trust me it will be below freezing and frozen rain falling on our heads in a matter of weeks...get out and enjoy it.

Of course get your ass back to watch the Yankees at 4pm...Maybe I'll just start drinking in the yard instead of trying to hide the trails...haha

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baseball Playoffs

So after yesterday's depressing post I thought I would mention that the baseball playoffs started yesterday. The real good news (besides the Yankees victory) is that now I can shut off FoxNews and all the crazy news. I know that "bad news sells"; it just seems too much lately. And do they have to talk about the same story for 10 hours in a row?
But now I can shut that negativity off (at least for a few weeks) and watch some good baseball.

Quick poll: who do you what to win?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WHAT THE.....?

I'm watching the news last night when the story of that crazy school killing comes on. What the F%$K ? The story is so bizarre that I almost can't take it. This wingnut has a 20 year old grudge so he takes a school full of girls hostage and starts shooting them...Come on, so when you were 12 years old some girls busted your balls or made fun of you or would not go to the stupid dance with you, etc. you now want to kill other people? If we all took our rejections from our youth this way the world would end in 5 minutes...

I'm in no way encouraging suicide, but I can never understand these sickos who kill people just to turn the gun on themselves...If life sucks that bad kill yourself and leave everyone else out of it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Steak or Chicken

Yes, Steak or Chicken is the age old joke about wedding dinners. So, being a regular guy I love steak. But not all steak is equal. How many times have you gone out to get a good dinner only to have a fatty piece of meat. I would not buy a piece of meat like that to cook on the bbq, why do so called "Nice" restaurants buy and serve that crap? I will not mention the place that did this, but it is not the only place. I have been to expensive restaurants that feel like they are just filling space and don't give a damm how the food tastes or how people will NOT ever come back.

How many times do we need to be hit over the head before we stop going to these places?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's must be a crazy life when you get a chance to clean up emails and check in on your blog is 7am on a Sunday...I was all excited this morning when I went out to the driveway for the morning paper and it was really HOT. I thought we might be able to have a real nice day outside. I need the unwind day. BUT then the rain! Of course if it's the weekend it must rain.