Sunday, October 08, 2006

All TV'd out

As I've said before I love sports. I will play golf or tennis, or a pick-up basketball game anytime. I have been watching the baseball playoffs like a made man (yes I'm mad know that the Yankees are out). So I figured today is a great day to spend ALL day outside. I went for a long walk this morning and now I'm checking emails, etc before going out again. My muffy wife told me that a couple we know is in town for the day so we'll hook up with them after lunch and hit the parks. I was thinking about drinking a nice bottle of wine too. I guess my boozing tenancy keep showing through.

The Yankees loss made me think about how some people, some I know well too, take their sports teams WAY too serious. As I've said I love sports; I have spent many a Sundays sitting watching every down of any football game. Or playoff of almost any sport is hypnotic. I really enjoy watching people try to win the championship...Competition is good and it drives us all even if we are watching it. Anyway, as I was saying i know there are people who lost sleep last night and will not go out today because the Yankees lost. They will carry their crap attitude to work tomorrow and yell at someone because of nothing. A police buddy of mine told me he hates to work the Superbowl shift (more domestic violence than usual). It's OK to root for your team; heck if you are not upset when they lose you are not a fan...but it's only a game. fight with your dog and kick your wife over something real not because A-Rod struck out or someone fumbled the game winning opportunity. Life sucks enough, grab a beer and go for a walk today...

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Anonymous said...

Aren't people bizarre like that? New Zealand's economy suffers when the All Blacks have a shocking loss, which humours me a little.