Monday, October 02, 2006

Steak or Chicken

Yes, Steak or Chicken is the age old joke about wedding dinners. So, being a regular guy I love steak. But not all steak is equal. How many times have you gone out to get a good dinner only to have a fatty piece of meat. I would not buy a piece of meat like that to cook on the bbq, why do so called "Nice" restaurants buy and serve that crap? I will not mention the place that did this, but it is not the only place. I have been to expensive restaurants that feel like they are just filling space and don't give a damm how the food tastes or how people will NOT ever come back.

How many times do we need to be hit over the head before we stop going to these places?

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Kris said...

Hubby & I enjoy a good steak ... even when we stay home & grill. We had a GREAT butcher in town who sold FABULOUS cuts of meat, however, it seems lately that with his popularity, came some lesser quality cuts for the same price!! I hate when that happens to a business or restaurant...the word gets out that they are great, people don't mind paying the price for quality food, etc... and then, their quality goes to shit & the price remains the same ...