Sunday, October 22, 2006

Church and Gambling

So I sitting at the breakfast table this morning finishing my morning papers and I start to think about NFL football. Of course just like every other red blooded American I enjoy the once in while wager on sports (did you see that great Clemson game on ESPN last night) and I've found myself in a couple fantasy football leagues. I actually do ok even though I don't spend days or weeks preparing with mock drafts etc like some in the leagues. So, I'm looking at the actual spreads of today's games and putting in my best guess on the few games (of course wagering is illegal and I would not want to do that, right ;) ) .

Now I've got my game plan together when my Muffy wife tells me to start getting ready for church. Have I forgotten that Sunday is God's day and a day for rest and family? Maybe I should not be thinking about wagering on a Sunday? Somehow I don't think my looking at the lines in the paper or having a friendly wager will bring down western civilization. Maybe that's a better question for the priest?

Anyway, getting dressed to head to Mass and then watch a game on TV(hopefully win a few $)...if this good weather continues today I believe a good cigar and walk with the family will help fill God's plan for the day...

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elff said...

In what sense is gambling important to you, more than just being a game?
I think that if it doesn't make you wonder about your life goals, as walking with your family, your're okay. :-)
But (hm, I wasn't planning this) if wagering is more than that, friendly as it is, enjoy yourself...