Thursday, October 12, 2006

Crazy week

So I was all set to meet a few buds for a nice big (read lots of steak and wine) dinner in the city. Well with the awful news of the small plane crash into a building in NYC stopped that. First of all, what a shock, I feel badly for the Lidle family and the family of the flight instructor. Secondly all those people who are homeless because of the accident. However, when people in and around NYC see a plane crash into a building, the nightmares of Sept. 11th come rushing back in.
Long story short, I had Italian in a very nice place with two of the guys I was set to meet, it's funny how one thing can change things...

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Amber Lee said...

Since I am in New Zealand at the moment, I am 17 hours ahead. This means that I woke up to my radio alarm saying "Good morning this is the 8am news. A small aircraft flew into a residential building in New York just moments ago." It was terrifying to have to rely on second hand news for a while.