Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kristen Bell likes Preppy men's clothing

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Kristen Bell dresses like a man
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Last updated 05:00 15/06/2010

DRESS UPS: Kristen Bell likes wearing men's clothing - especially Oxford shirts.
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Kristen Bell likes wearing men's clothing.
The Hollywood star is a huge fashion fan and loves treating herself to new pieces. As she has to dress up so much for her career, she spends most of her spare time in casual clothes, although she does have a penchant for high heels.

"I love clothes but I borrow almost everything," she explained. "I love preppy, classic looks and menswear. It's great that men's Oxford shirts have made such a comeback. Also, like any other woman, I love Christian Louboutin heels - they are to die for."

Although she loves fashion, Kristen has made her fair share of fashion mistakes. She can't believe some of the outfits she used to wear, and does all she can not to look at the pictures from her early career.

Kristen is as careful about her beauty regime as she is with her clothing choices. She has dry skin so won't use abrasive moisturisers, and has also decided against invasive procedures.

"I like hyaluronic acid. I also believe in light therapy where you sit under red or blue lights that are UV safe. The stimulation of the lights can help regenerate skin cells and produce more collagen.

"Over the next eight weeks your skin regenerates," she explained to Look magazine.
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