Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Preppy Nantucket

Well boys and girls the good news is that Nantucket is still a preppy haven. Nowhere on earth can you see everyone wearing their Nantucket Reds and no-one calling them silly pink pants. There is still the flows of pink and green walking down Main Street; and flip flops everywhere(yes, quite a few crocs too).

This got me to think of some of Preppy Guy's favorite Nantucket stops:
Best Eggs benedict: Arno's
Best Local's breakfast place: Downyflake donuts
Best Pizza/Lunch place: Foood for Here & There
Best Happy Hour Drinking Place: The Gazebo
Best Place to drink a frozen cocktail: Ropewalk
Best Dinner: Arno's
Best Chinese: Harbor Wok
Best Place to get fresh produce: Bartlett's Farm
Best Pub: Rose & Crown
Best Casual dining: The Tavern
Best Restaurant to avoid: Schooners
Best Seafood: SeaGrille

Best Surf: Cisco Beach
Best overall beach: Dionis
Best quiet place: Wauwinet
Best to see people who live in your home tome: Siasconset
Best to watch boats: Brant Point

Areas to stay:
Best area to Stay: Anywhere you can; except near the airport and dump

Shops: (I'm not the power shopper; however Nantucket makes it easy to spend way too much:
Best Shop: Murray's Toggery Shop (A must visit for any preppy: home of the Nantucket Reds)
Best pet Accessories: Cold Noses
Best Postcards/Nicknacks, etc. : The Hub
Best fudge: Aunt Leah's Fudge (Some penny candy too)
Best Ice Cream: Nantucket Pharmacy
Best Kids Toys : Pinwheels
Best Newer store: vineyard Vines (lot's of Nantucket only clothes)
Best store to avoid : Black Dog (saw this "store" on our last day. Overpriced and SO small...go to the vineyard and enjoy the original.

I'm sure I'll think of more as the days go on. It's such a great island and you will really enjoy everything.


Mrs. P said...

How about the best boat for deep sea fishing! Our family's favorite is the Albacore, my hubby's groom's cake was a tiny replica!

Tod said...

There are so many great boats...Unfortunatly we didn't get out this time

Lisagh said...

So funny to read that the "dump" is best to be avoided as a place to stay. Indeed!

Tod said...

pretty funny, huh?

Anonymous said...

Best place to get completely obliterated listening to a fun band: Chicken Box