Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Quote

I was buying cigars in NYC last week and saw this quote:

"A man's shoes will tell you if he has money, his clothes, if he has style. But if you want to know if he's a sport, see if he's wearing a good cigar." Nat Sherman, 1938


Circe said...

The whole expensive shoe thing for men blows me away.

The guys at my highschool..exceptionally preppy...but they took great pleasure in having expensive shoes that they treated horribly and wore until they had holes in them.

I know a guy with tons of outstanding loans from law school, yet he still buys thousand dollar shoes. Do men really judge by this sort of thing?

Cigars yes...clothes yes..but shoes?

Anonymous said...

John Lobb are VERY expensive men's shoes and some men are so eccentric that they wear their shoes until they not only have holes at the bottom but the shoes look like "crocodiles" where they have come apart at the front! ;-p