Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Crocs on CNBC tonight

I know a lot of people just love the Crocs; and you can't argue with the success of the company. You know they have made it when I saw knockoff Crocs at a store last week...I'm sure there are many imitators out there now.

The company trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol CROX, came as an ipo on Feb. 7th 2006 at $21.00 per share. It went as high as $37 and is trading today around $26.85. They seem to have had a nice run. It is a stock that a lot of people have been shorting(betting the price will go lower).

Anyway, I just saw an ad for the show "on the money" on CNBC( at 7pm and replayed at 11pm ) and they are doing a focus piece on Crocs and the success of the company. I think I heard that they may be expanding into clothing, etc to diversify.

So, if you like Crocs or want to learn more about the company you may want to catch the show.
(fyi: no, I don't have a long or short position in CROX; I just know a lot of people have talked about them in the past.)


Preppy Kiki said...

Yesterday while standing in line at my local post office, a woman in front of me was wearing a pair of bubble gum pink corcs. They were so dirty that just add water and you could make mud pies. Need I say more?

SLC said...

She probably gardens in them.

SLC said...

I know they are not the prettiest things in the world (neither are duck shoes/boots, but ...), but a friend of mine recently got a pair and wore them to an amusement park on a rainy day. She told me that they were incredibly comfortable and dried very quickly.

thepreppyprincess said...

I agree, love or hate them, they are great for the garden because you can just hose them off!