Monday, December 01, 2008

Muffy vs "Real Houswives"

So, don't ask me why, we were watching the Real Housewives of Orange Co on TV. These women are unreal, they act like spending money is their God given right. The only time a "marriage" seems to be in trouble is when the husband loses some $$

So, a new twist...send a preppy New England girl out to live among these women...that could be the funniest thing on TV...

(Best Housewives quote "Do you speak Canadian?" (one women, the smart one, living in a 5 million dollar house and talking to her son's girlfriend visiting from Canada).

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Anonymous said...

I happened to see this show when I was staying with a friend in Palm Desert, CA; we watched it for laughs. I am constantly amused by the upper-middle, and nouveau riche who do not understand the concept of understatement in dress, comportment, style, etc. They do not even get the concept of a value system that many of us learn from the cradle onward - that other people, and the way we conduct ourselves (with all classes in society), really is more important than money! The way these women abuse their children, and each other, is reprehensible. When children are spoiled - to the degree the Orange County brats are - they are abused. Those kids will never fit in with "the right people" later in life, no matter their education or financial standing. I pity these families. How dreadful!