Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

Wow, what a fun night with the two little ones. I made sure I was home to join the on their trick or treating. As most guys it is sometime impossible to get out of the office to come home in time to see the ghosts and goblins running around the town. Last night was actually my first time that I went out with the kids. Sometimes I would get home in time sometimes to give out the candy; however I never got out till yesterday. It is a great time to see your kids jumping up and down, seeing all their friends etc. We should all try to do these little things with our kids (I know I don't do enough) because these silly little things are the biggest things to the kids lives at this point.

Happy November 1st!


Monogram Momma said...

I'm glad to hear you got home in time for the fun with your kids, Tod! Mr. Monogram and I were saying the same thing last night as we watched the boys chasing eachother down neoghrbos front walkways yelling "Wait for me!" and giggling and getting so excited telling people what their costumes are. All I kept feeling like tomorrow I'll wake up and they'll be 16. :-(

spymum said...

That's sweet, Tod. My hubby is rarely home in time to 'trick or treat' with me and my boys. I shall show him your post! ;-)