Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Love Cigars.....BUT

Full disclosure Preppy Guy loves cigars. I and my mates have one once and a while on the golf course, or I'll grab a nice one on the back deck. Even love taking one along for those long walks in the woods (with a flask of course)! But today reminded me of something I wanted to write about for a long time.

I was walking to the office this morning early, most of the street was deserted and there he was- a guy hanging outside smoking a cigar. As we have all gotten used to seeing the cigarette smokers all huddled in their groups grabbing a quick "fix" before the run back to the corporate world, but a cigar?

Cigars to me are a relaxing thing, never hurried. I and most men I know use the cigar as major down time, even sometimes the only downtime in this crazy world. So why would you turn something like that into a "ciggy break"? Most good cigars take 20 mins or more to smoke, could this guy really stand on the corner in NYC for that long? And how relaxing is watching taxis speed past you as people bump you on their way to work? A little jack-hammering with your cigar sir?

A whole other thing, a cigar in the early morning ? Your mouth will fee like an ashtray the whole day!

What say you?


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