Monday, June 02, 2008

Preppy guys and sports

There is always people out there who think preppy guys just sit around drinking martini's and talk with their teeth clenched (please missy).

Just want to get a little poll as to the favorite preppy sports...

1) Tennis
2) Lax
3) Golf
4) Baseball
5) Hockey
6) Other_____________


Tammy B said...

I used to play tennis but not anymore. I would be embarrassed to pick up a racket (if I can remember where I put it). I enjoy watching baseball and college football(mainly Auburn football - War Eagle) There's always a lot of preppy people at an Auburn game.

Taylor said...


I just started this needlepoint belt company. thought you'd like to check it out.


Taylor Llewellyn

Anonymous said...


M. Striker said...


Can't forget Squash - one of the most classic prep sports.

Kate said...

Just found your blog and loving the polls (I voted for LAX)

Sarah said...

Got a question:
For the preppy guy summer look, is it more prep to a) have BB boxers peeking out from top of twill shorts? b) Underneath twill shorts? c) None of the above. And should those boxers be blue/plaid/doesn't matter.

Also...are A&F shorts acceptable.

Desperately need an answer in the not so preppy part of Vermont!

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

i play tennis but soccer is my main thing! and the ladies love to see me after a game even if im sweaty!