Monday, March 12, 2007

Blackberry Addicts

Is it my imagination or is everyone addicted to their blackberries? I now find when I'm out to dinner people will check their machines in the middle of a conversation. I love my blackberry and I know I must look a little like those people to non-crackberry addicts; however unless I am waiting for some important news (and I would tell that to the people I was dinning with) I can wait to check the blackberry until later. (I think)

As I said I am no anti-tech freak. The exact opposite, I love the stuff. But, when you are at a dinner with friends or colleagues do you need to look at it ALL NIGHT LONG? I admit if I'm out during the day, even for lunch I'll look at it during the meal. During the day is normal; you are away from the office and need to keep in touch.

I want to say a few more things, but my blackberry is buzzing and I need to get it. So ignore everything I just said...I'm an addict too!!!


SLC said...

Welcome back! We've missed you.

My boss is one of those crackberry addicts to the ultimate extreme. I definitely created a monster when I introduced him to the RIMM Pager (before it was even called a Blackberry) years ago thinking it would be SO cool to be able to communicate when he was in meetings (he travels very frequently). It definitely has it's benefits though.

Anonymous said...

Tod, I couldnt agree with you more. It is poor ettiquete to use a blackberry or cell phone or anything like that at the table when dining out, not to mention rude to the person that you are dining with. Of course there are exceptions (kids,buisness)but for the most part it is just poor manners. Welcome back I missed youre site! Tatiana

Monogram Momma said...

are my eyes deceiving me or is it really you, Tod?!?

Welcome back!

Jocke said...

They do seem pretty nifty... We have 'em here but only with one serviceprovider, and they aren't very popular in general. I'm thinking of studying in Boston or NYC, in which case I'd defenetly get one :)